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Buy Original Art or Print Your File on Aluminum or Recyclable Board!
Buy Original Art or Print Your Files on Aluminum or Green Board!

N3CreativeShop : Printing Options


FN3CreativeShop : Print Options

At N3Creative we are all about producing the finest quality images to meet your needs. If you're looking for the ultimate in reproduction quality, we recommend reviewing the information provided about Chromaluxe aluminum based prints. These prints come in a variety of finishes and mounting options. Our standard offering is based on a Gloss, Semi Gloss or Matte based finish with an additional option to print on a an outdoor, UV resilient product that is only available in a Gloss Finish. Chromaluxe Aluminum is archival in nature and in it's gloss version can be cleaned and sanitized using rubbing alcohol. This makes the Chromaluxe Gloss product especially appropriate for high traffic areas. Chromaluxe reproductions can be made in custom sizes up to 4x8 feet making a perfect surface for large scale presentation.We're happy to provide custom quotes for any product that we produce if you need an oversized piece.



N3CreativeShop : Eco-Board

Our board based products are designed to meet both a high quality reproduction standard with a keen awareness of costs and the growing community concern for Green options for any product being produced. N3Creative embraces providing fully GREEN options for image reproduction. Image quality is beautiful on the semi matte surface of our board choices. Our board options come in two thicknesses. The THIN option is a double sided, 1/8 inch thick, honeycombed board that is designed to be stable across the print. It is two thick sheets of paper laminated to a honeycomb structure that keeps the image surface flat over time. The THICK option stock is just under 1/2 inch thick and is made using the same process which accounts for it's incredible strength and resistance to warping. Both of these surfaces can be completely recycled once you decide it's time to modify your library of images. 

N3CreativeShop : Acrylic Printing

Our acrylic options are based on the application of UV based inks on the back surface of acrylic sheets. This process creates the illusion of looking through a thin sheet of crystal and enhances the appearance of color dramatically. Acrylic is available in various thicknesses so feel free to ask us for a custom quote if your image needs a thicker or more unusual surface.
At N3Creative, we are always looking into new ways to bring your images to life. We do our research and work tirelessly to produce consistent beautiful prints from our customers files. Trust N3Creative to deliver beautiful, color rich, value based products for your enjoyment and the beautification of your environment.