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Buy Original Art or Print Your File on Aluminum or Recyclable Board!
Buy Original Art or Print Your Files on Aluminum or Green Board!


“I’ve been working with cameras in all different forms since I was just a kid. It’s the one thing that always gives me great pleasure.”

A camera is a tool, so is your computer and likewise, your phone. You pick it up and nab a little sliver of time, frozen on a screen, that you can put in your pocket and look back on with fondness occasionally, or never again. I like to think of imaging as an opportunity to capture an emotional context for your life in a moment and reflect on it. Images are also a way to experiment with technology and blend in imagination to create something unique to that moment in your journey.

I use the tools that I have at hand to explore the spot where your inner and outer worlds collide within your perception. Ultimately, in the pursuit of a viewpoint…..or a feeling…or an expression of emotion….or a deeper understanding of beauty.

I make prints of my work to make them real in the world. They’re light captured, manipulated and burned onto a receptive surface finalizing the commitment of an idea. Until the image is set, it’s just a bunch of potential swirling around in the tools, waiting to grab my imagination and be transformed into a coherent thought, burned into reality as a printed piece.