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Buy Original Art or Print Your File on Aluminum or Recyclable Board!
Buy Original Art or Print Your Files on Aluminum or Green Board!
N3 : BigFile Transfer | N3CreativeShop

N3 : BigFile Transfer

N3 Offers free BigFile Transfers via our dedicated WeTransfer site to facilitate acceptance of "Large Files" for reproduction purposes.

You can engage with us via the "Quote a Big Print" link on every product where a larger print is available or you can request a quote to reproduce your own work at any size beyond the 20x30 standard shipping size.

Regardless, when it comes time to transfer a large file directly to us we're providing this link:


 N3 : BigFileTransfer

N3CreativeShop produces fine quality artwork at sizes up to 4x8 feet.

Our standard reproduction sizes offered via this site are limited to facilitate regular shipping methods. This keeps the cost of shipping standard sizes very reasonable.

The Open Edition prints from artwork in our store is offered at sizes of up to 20x30 inches to address most peoples needs most of the time.

Many of our artists work in sizes larger than 20x30 inches and want for you to have the opportunity to experience their work in larger sizes.

To make this possible we've included the Quote a Big Print option on each piece where sizes larger than those listed are available.

  • N3 : BigFileTransfer - N3CreativeShop

    N3 : BigFileTransfer


    For any order of an image from your file that is larger than 20x30 inches we have provided this link to our direct file transfer solution via WeTra...

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