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Buy Original Art or Print Your File on Aluminum or Recyclable Board!
Buy Original Art or Print Your Files on Aluminum or Green Board!
Debra Lott - Oil Painter and N3CreativeArtist | N3CreativeShop

Debra Lott - Oil Painter and N3CreativeArtist

This business is the result of years of experience in traditional businesses blended with todays best imaging technologies. We opened N3CreativeShop to provide the general public with access to the creative efforts of a group of highly skilled Artists as well as a way to expose their efforts to a much larger audience. It’s similar to the old question of trees falling in the forrest. If no one sees your artwork how can it truly be appreciated. With todays technology it’s now possible to expand the Artists reach and provide versions of artwork, approved by the Artist, that anyone can afford to own. we’ve also worked with our Artists to offer up their work in variable sizes. You now have the option to purchase artwork in numerous different sizes with corresponding price points.

Don’t have room for a 48x48 inch original oil painting but a 24x24 inch version would look perfect? Fill out an Enquiry in our store and we’ll get you a price for the image size that best fits your space.

If the opposite is true and you need large scale artwork to use in a commercial setting, we can do that too.

Single images can be delivered as large as 4x8 feet in size……with diptych and triptych prints multiples of such.

We’re open for business and looking forward to addressing your individual and commercial imaging needs.


"N3 Creative’s high quality chromaluxe prints of my paintings were beyond my expectations! I was thrilled that the color and detail matched the original exactly. As an artist, I’m very particular when reproducing my art work- this is truly a company that values it’s work and customers."  Debra Lott - Oil Painter and N3CreativeArtist

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